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Frequently asked questions

We have many different sizes and options available - see some of our common questions below as a place for you to start. Feel free to submit a form on our Contact page to ask any of these questions and we will get back to you shortly!

Questions you can ask our staff...

Not sure where to start? Below are some of our common questions, feel free to directly ask our staff these questions when you get in touch!

How long will the build likely take?
Which style of cabin is best for me?
Will I need council approval?
What information do you need me to provide for a quote?
Do you have pricing options or a rough price guide?
What does off-grid involve?


We transport via truck, we will be providing details here very soon, in the meantime please use our contact form to ask this question and we will be with you shortly!

We ensure all Gypsy Cabins are built using strong steel foundations, our cabins will last 200-500 years and are certified as cyclone-proof.

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