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Looking for the best tiny homes in Australia?
Our tiny home builders custom design & sustainably build beautiful tiny houses

Character filled cabins | tiny homes work spaces | modular homes
Built in a style as unique as you are

Gypsy Cabins welcomes you...

We build homes in a different way, if words like ‘Carbon Neutral’, ‘Recycled Materials,’ ‘Off The Grid Living,’ and ‘Mortgage Free,’ appeal to you, you’re in the right place! These terms are not what you usually hear from home builders, but this is what we love and live to create for others.

Many clients take up the option to include their own materials into the construction – antique doors and windows bring a unique feel. Clients also like to add pieces from a previously loved home or demolished building – like kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities.

Including features like 100 year old hardwood timber rafters and rustic weatherboards brings that extra character and atmosphere to our cabins and tiny homes. Our clients always feel a homely warmth when entering their Gypsy Cabin.

Bring your own ideas, design features and even your own pieces – then just leave the technical and engineering side of it to us. We will build a home you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

A bespoke asset, custom designed to fit your lifestyle

We believe that upcycled cabins, modular homes and relocatable houses give people freedom in both their time and money, to live with a low carbon footprint and a new purpose. Based in Caboolture, see how we are also building larger homes suited for a growing family - drop by to see how we can turn your dreams into reality!

Affordable & tailored to your needs

We understand the stress of a mortgage and how hard it can be to save enough to buy your own home. Take the pressure off and see how we can help you start out with our affordable cabins and tiny homes. 

Stress-free, flexible lifestyle

Many of our clients love the flexibility a cabin or tiny home gives them to travel, or as an extra income stream if you decide to rent your cabin out. It really is the new way of living, with everything you need to live comfortably – at a fraction of the cost.

Functional, beautiful & eco-friendly

Helping to save the planet one cabin at a time –  we endeavour to build using recycled materials and can rework materials you may already have for your cabin. High-quality construction with a focus on compact, transportable and fully-functional designs. We want to make the idea of a flexible lifestyle with a low-impact on the environment a reality.

Our Cabin Features, Options & Videos

We believe that upcycled cabins, modular homes and relocatable houses give people freedom in both their time and money, to live with a low carbon footprint and a new purpose. See how we are also building larger homes suited for a growing family - drop by to see how we can turn your dreams into reality!

Why have our tiny homes & cabinsbecome so popular?

It comes down to simplicity, functionality and affordability:

  • Building a cabin or tiny homes is a fraction of the cost compared to saving for a traditional style of house and land
  • Decrease your living costs – we love to incorporate solar and make off-grid living easy
  • We love using recycled materials – up-cycling is our jam!
  • Low carbon footprint housing with everything you need to live comfortably
  • Quality craftsmanship with our highly-skilled team of builders
  • Choose from one of our many designs or request a custom build
  • Beautiful, bespoke designs created to your unique style and needs
  • Fully relocatable home – have the flexibility to move your dream home!
  • Delivery to your chosen
  • Personalised service, we are known for our hands on approach and excellent communication with clients throughout the design process
  • Clients often say: “I can clean my house in five minutes!”

Join the move towardshelping to save the planet one cabin at a time...

Our affordable, flexible & eco-friendly cabins and tiny homes are built compact, fully functioning, transportable dwellings. High-end design and construction at an affordable, flexible, and low-impact scale.

We’re so glad you stopped by to take a look at our tiny homes & relocatable cabins because something in your life is probably about to change!
We believe change is constant and something we all to live with right? Often times it is a result of where your family is at – whether it is growing, getting smaller or with family members returning home.

With these changes comes the questions of buying, extending, or selling – which can all be daunting and not always affordable or ideal.
Gypsy Cabins offer a cost effective alternative which gives you a unique, bespoke asset to live in, use as an extension or move with you wherever you go.

Our styles of  cabins & tiny homes

See some of our popular cabin designs​ and how you can get started. We have put a helpful list together of the main elements to consider when building a cabin or tiny home, as well as some of the finer details you might be interested in.

Pricing & your budget

We have various packages available, however each build varies according to your requirements. We encourage you to have a look at the elements of our cabins to give you an idea of options. Don’t hesitate to give us a quick call – our team would love to chat with you about what you love, your needs and budget.

You are also welcome to make an appointment to drop by and see some of the cabins we are currently working on!

We deliver your dream tiny home!

For over 10 years Gypsy Cabins have been at the forefront of building tiny homes, cabins and modular homes in Australia. Our tiny homes vary from small to large in size, from dedicated workspaces, to studios, granny flats and holiday homes. Our tiny homes are built at 730 Bellthrope Range Road, Stanmore, QLD – just under 2 hours north of Brisbane.

Once completed, the tiny home is transported to your site. The installation process only takes a few days, and includes hooking up water and electricity so you are ready to start living your dream quickly and without hassle.

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Our recent tiny homes & cabins

A tiny home, holiday cabin, teenage retreat or home office... check out some of our customised, sustainable and relocatable tiny homes below